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Is there such a thing as the perfect tattoo? We believe in experiences rather than just a plain old tattoo. Tattoo's are more thank just ink. They are extensions of your personality and we strive to provide that.

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We build experiences

The ethos behind Trybe Ink is exactly that, a Tribe. A singular consciousness of people wanting to not only "ink up" but build a memory, a moment in time, to celebrate their journey.

How the Trybe started.

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Calvin Curtis Solomon, a young impressionable artist wanted to create more than just a tattoo parlor that drops some ink on skin. His vision was one of creating an experience for people to not only ink up but also to enjoy the overall experience. 

While Calvin started doing this for his close friends, it grew into a passion for community in general. People gravitated towards the experience. Like Calvin says “I might not remember your face, but show me your tattoo and i’ll remember the experience, because we create experiences not just tattoos”. 

Believe in

Why we do what we do

The Passion

What drives our creativity

We love people. We love art. So its makes sense to combine the two. 

Calvin and his team are passionate about self expression. We want to help people express themselves through art. Be it a tattoo or a piecing. 

Where old school meets new school, a unique flavour is born. Plucked from the mind and soul of Calvin Solomon, your journey is guaranteed to be filled with laughter, and zero intimidation.

How we do all of this


Interactive Design

We have taken a new approach to tattoo design. With the internet driving our world currently, we've adopted a processed called Interaction design and blended it with the art of tattoo sketching.

"Interaction design is a process in which designers focus on creating engaging web interfaces with logical and thought out behaviors and actions."

We've merged interfaces with skin and built a unique process only found at Trybe Ink.

What we do


About Us

Whether you are a first timer or have more tattoos/piercings than you can count, our skilled artists and piercers cater for all walks of life.

We have 2 dedicated artists, 2 apprentices and 1 piercer, with a variety of styles, ranging from traditional, trash polka, tribal, watercolour, all the way through to blackwork.

If you can think it, we can ink it.

(Tattoos Name)

Photography, Web Development

Haunted Palace

Web Design, Web Development

Red Helm

Photography, Web Development

Natural Explanation

Web Design, Web Development

Enemies Close

Photography, Web Design

The Crew

Photography, Web Development

Damage Control

Photography, Web Design

New Werewolves

Web Design, Web Development

Calvin gets my Tech stuff and builds out the vision for what i want.


Alistair Pugin - Geek

Its about building experiences for our clients, not just laying down ink.

Tattoo Artist

Calvin Curtis Solomon - Visionary

The Trybe.

The Family we call Trybe

The people that make experiences happen at the studio.

Calvin Solomon

Mr Trybe

Chelsea Oliv

Web Developer

Nunung Sule

UIX Designer

Susi Susan


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